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24v Heating Tube for 3D Printers

24v Heating Tube for 3D Printers

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The 24V heating tube is usually made of a high-temperature resistant material, such as ceramic or silicone, and is often enclosed in a metal casing to protect it from damage. It is connected to the printer's power supply and controlled by the printer's firmware through a thermistor that measures the temperature of the heated component.

The heating tube is essential for 3D printing because it allows the plastic filament to melt and flow, which is necessary for creating the desired shape of the printed object. Without the heating tube, the plastic filament would not melt and the printer would not be able to create a 3D model.

  • Item Type:Cartridge Heater
  • Character:installed in nozzle heating aluminum block
  • Product parameters:diameter 6MM, long 15MM
  • Working voltage: 24V
  • Power: 40W
  • Wire length: 1M
  • Heating pipe size2: 40W 24V
  • Color: silver head(red guide line)
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