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Wash & Cure 3 Plus

Wash & Cure 3 Plus

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Wash & Cure 3.0 Plus from Anycubic:

 is the perfect 2-in-1 solution for post-processing finished printed resin models. The powerful device with a cleaning capacity of 7.6 litres is the perfect addition to LCD 3D printers with a size of 10.6 inches or less.
Larger all around for more capacity
Compared to its predecessor, the Wash & Cure Plus, the successor version, Wash & Cure 3.0 Plus, has a few changes:
The cleaning capacity has been increased to 7.6 litres,
The total volume of the cleaning basket is now 12 litres,
The curing size has been expanded by 42% to 220 x 260 mm to enable post-processing of larger models or multiple small objects in one pass.
Flexicure Gooseneck Light design and new light source arrangement for more even curing
By using the Flexicure Gooseneck light design or the gooseneck light, the energy value is increased by 30,000 uW/cm² within an irradiation range of 1-3 cm. The light balls and lens light source have also been arranged completely differently compared to the previous version, which contributes to more even and thorough curing of otherwise difficult-to-reach areas.
Dual layer, IPA saving design
Wash & Cure 3.0 Plus impresses with its simple and minimalist design, which offers two cleaning options:
Basket cleaning mode without platform (228 x 128 x 260 mm),
Hanging cleaning mode with platform (228 x 128 x 250 mm).
The dual-layer cleaning basket allows washing with a print platform (from 6.6 to 10.6 inches) and has two heights of 150 mm and 250 mm. This allows you to cure multiple models simultaneously, evenly and efficiently.
In contrast to the rust-prone metal basket of the previous version, the cleaning basket is made of a rust-resistant PP material. A matching cleaning bucket made of translucent PP material is also part of the contents of the delivery.
    3 working modes:
     FlexiCure (curing with gooseneck light)
    User-friendly and quiet
    The control panel of the device is equipped with touch buttons. This allows the different modes to be selected and controlled with just a single click (1-30 minutes).
    The device is tightly built and software-optimised to reduce noise during washing and curing. The maximum volume in operating mode is < 65 dB.
    Other features:
    ► UV blocking top cover (blocks more than 99.9% of UV radiation),
    ► Z-axis UV light with a wavelength of 405 nm and 14 pieces UV lamp beads,
    ► Transparent PP curing table,
    ► Multi-touch control panel.
    1 x Anycubic Wash & Cure 3.0 Plus
    1 x Washing Bucket
    1 x Washing Basket
    1 x Gooseneck Lamp
    1 x Hex Key Set
    4 x Rack Rod
    1 x Curing Table
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Power Adapter

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